Live the high life!
This is the promise of Subic Bay.

A unique vacation lifestyle of
bay life and civilization
that are distinctly Subic Bay’s.
An ultra-safe haven of modern accommodations, blissful indulgences and thrilling activities
set amidst a backdrop of nature’s best and finest that can only be found at Subic Bay.
Experience the thrilling challenges of land, sea and air.
This is the fascinating world of Subic Bay.

Swim with the whales at the Ocean Adventure Marine Park.
Come face to face with tigers and other wildlife at Zoobic Safari.
Dive into Subic Bay’s historic waters for a glimpse of centuries-old shipwrecks.
Bike your way through rough terrain and winding mountain roads.
Connect with Mother Nature through nature trails, mangroves and waterfall parks,
fishing grounds and jungle-survival training communes that Subic Bay is widely known for.
Or simply engage in a variety of fun and sports activities like tennis, jogging,
horseback-riding, go-karting, biking, car racing and others…

Go for your own kind of adventure...
Catch the sun, revel in splendid nights.
This is the good life called Subic Bay…

Enjoy sunny picnics and dips at Camayan and
All Hands Beaches.
Have a taste of tropical living at the Grande Island Resort.
Pamper mind, body and spirit at spas, gyms, and other health and wellness outlets.
Get a front row seat at Nature’s sunset show at The Waterfront or on a bay cruise.
Chill out along Subic Bay’s popular Waterfront strip.
Get the biggest pizza in town with your favorite cup of coffee at Xtremely Xpresso.
Or gather a crowd at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center.
And finally, bid the day goodbye in any of Subic Bay’s exceptionally comfortable hotels or housing units.

Experience bay life...
Retrace the past, fast-forward to the future.
This is Subic Bay today,
a melting pot of history and culture.

Discover remnants of Subic Bay’s past as
a proud bastion of Spanish, Japanese and
American naval might.
Visit historic landmarks such as Tappan Park, Spanish Gate or abandoned ammunition bunkers tucked in forested mountains and hillsides.
Marvel at Subic Bay’s multifaceted community that has become home to various cultures and races from Asia, America and Europe.
Learn from the Aytas’ interesting knowledge of Subic Bay’s endemic flora and fauna.
Or simply, go back in time or browse through an art exhibit at
Subic Bay’s Historical Museum and Gallery.

Explore civilization...